Our Yellow Bench is a place for storytelling and art - we find unfamiliar tales from around the world and bring them to life through unique illustrations, music and narration. Old tales and fables which have carried stories of histories and cultural identity and values are brought to the surface and presented in a way that has never before been seen or heard.

We believe that stories are like guides and their characters, mentors for children (and sometimes adults, too). We started our mission to bring stories from our own memories to life and to share them with others who haven’t heard them. And we started finding illustrators to make it authentic and alive, making each story more relatable for viewers. And then resources came to help adults make these stories more than stories, but deep learning experiences in literacy, character development, creativity, drama and thinking.

Join us on the yellow bench where histories and fables from places and times long ago, come to life.


Sativa Ertola

Your featured storyteller! She's also a passionate and dedicated primary school teacher - living to teach young learners to read, write and communicate creatively.

Also loves yoga, chocolate and nature!


Arash Davar

The man behind the scenes who makes Our Yellow Bench possible. He's a marketer and educator - serious about making sure the world knows how to make ideas reality.

He loves nature, baking bread and NOT being a vegetarian