Hi! I'm Sativa, an overly passionate first grade teacher who loves nothing more than her students! When I'm not teaching, I'm putting my artistic

skills to use by making unique classroom resources.


In my early years of teaching, I was often frustrated by the

resources... those fonts and the clip art! Every digital

download resource that I could find mixed font cases

and included generic cartoon characters. Now, I may

have been new to teaching, but I could tell that this is

not the classroom I wanted and surely not the avenue

to inspire young learners.

So, I made my own! And now, I have made them available

for you. Enjoy looking through my shop and I hope you

find something to add to your classroom to make it a more

creative and inclusive space.

In addition to the resources I've made for teachers, read through

my blog. There's lots about living and teaching internationally, ed tech tutorials, curriculum discussion and pedagogical practice. 

Happy teaching and learning, fellow teacher friends!

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Click on an image to find out more. 

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