Intentions Over Resolutions

As teachers, we often say “kids over content” and “compassion over curriculum” - making powerful statements about what is most important, where we invest ourselves and the place we see the greatest outcome.

So now I say, intentions over resolutions. Shift the focus for a just a short moment away from the classroom and onto ourselves. Just a few minutes to think about what we intend to change in a shorter amount of time.

Yes to intentions because they are fresh, short term, achievable and can be reset with a monthly reflection.

No to resolutions because a year is a long time to go. Missing a step early can easily lead to giving up, feelings of failure and negativity.

And so I am set to begin 2021 with just a few January Intentions:

  • Be realistic with myself as school transitions back to distance learning - give more when I can, slow down when I need to and recognize that I am the one who is often setting ultra high expectations of myself, not my school or principal or coordinators.

  • Use the additional time at home to practice more yoga

  • Get outside everyday during daylight hours - with the shortened days and leaving for/coming home in the dark everyday, my soul is feeling the dark!

  • Practice better listening - to my colleagues, my friends and family, especially my husband

Setting Intentions
be reflective | write or draw your intentions | make your intentions visible | stay positive | focus on yourself

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