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6 Lessons Learned from Teaching Internationally

Each day I wake up and do my teacher thing. It’s so normal, right?

But sometimes I get to thinking (I truly value that, thinking) and notice… this isn’t everyone’s normal, not even every teacher’s normal.

I never thought I’d be an international teacher, or even aspired toward. The way the events leading up to it unfolded, surely were not intentionally planned to lead me this way. So here is my story of how I unexpectedly became an international school teacher, created a life of it, and never plan to move home.

Looking back, I’d say it really started when I was about 7 or 8 years old, watching Dirty Dancing. At the end, when Jennifer Grey says she’s going to go to the Peace Corps… Well, I just idolized that and said, “I’m not sure what the Peace Corps is, but I’m gonna do it!” So fast forward 20+ years, completed my M.Ed in Elementary Education and off to the Peace Corps I went. (Important Note: this was all a lot harder than I make it sound here).