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 Terms and Conditions 

Terms of Service


Terms and Conditions, a product by Sativa Marie Ertola under the brand name "Our Yellow Bench" registered as "Our Yellow Bench"


Please read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly and carefully.


Scope of Application
  1. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “T&C”) govern the relationship between the Seller of digital downloads of classroom decorations and learning materials (hereinafter referred to as the “product”) sold via and its user/consumer and apply to the use of https://www.ouryellowbench/ website.

  2. The Seller reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, alter or otherwise update these T&C or to change, delete or otherwise update any features of the product. Where it is appropriate, the Seller will notify the user/consumer on such changes (for example, through an e-mail, or on the website). 


Product Description and Agreement Conclusion
  1. Product and price description. 

  2. Fees are billed by the Seller via the PayPal or bank cards.

  3. For the Refund Policy details please click here.

  4. The Seller reserves the right to add, change, remove the product’s features and/or the website content.

  5. The user/consumer shall be a physical entity having the deed capacity and reached 18 years of age to be able to form a binding agreement with the Seller. While 16 years old individuals are entitled to purchase the product with the parents’ consent, presupposing at the same time reading of the provisions of this agreement and the extension of its action to them.


Data Protection
  1. The Seller collects, stores, and processes the user’s/consumer’s data in accordance with its Privacy Policy.

  2. The user/consumer agrees to the collection, storage, and processing of the data in the manner and for the purpose described in the Privacy Policy.


Copyright Statement
  1. The product, including but not limited to all materials, logo, etc. is copyrighted by the Seller. 

  2. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all the content in any form is prohibited. 

  3. Any other proposed use of the product shall be granted by Seller in the form of formal written permission.


General Disclaimer
  1. The Seller does not warrant completeness and/or accuracy of the information provided. 

  2. The Seller disclaims responsibility for any loss, damage, injury arising out of, or in connection with the product’s usage.


Governing Law and Dispute Resolution​
  1. These T&C and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the European Union Law. 

  2. Complaints and requests shall be directed to the Customer Support Service at

  3. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these T&C shall be referred to and finally resolved by mediation in appropriate bodies in Berlin, Germany.

  4. The invalidity of one or several provisions of these T&C shall not lead to invalidity of the remaining provisions. 


Miscellaneous Provisions​
  1. If any delay in the product delivery will arise in the event out of the Seller’s control (unforeseeable circumstances), the proper notification of consumer on such will be made as soon as possible. Proper notification and minimization effect actions exclude the liability of the Seller for such delays.

  2. Occasional add, change, or removal of the product’s feature(s) may take place and all reasonable actions will be made by the Seller to inform consumers on that.


Contact Us

Our Yellow Bench

c/o Sativa Marie Ertola

Bergheimer Str. 4 Berlin 14197

+49 173 8134164


Date of Last Revision: 21 April 2021.

©2022 Our Yellow Bench - All rights reserved 

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