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Bright Clock & Time Classroom Display for Analog Clocks

Bright Clock & Time Classroom Display for Analog Clocks


When it comes to teaching time on an analog clock, everything you need is here! This Bright Clock and Time Classroom Display includes minute cards to add to your classroom clock and posters for teaching and referencing time and clock vocabulary.


The cheerful and colorful design will match any rainbow style classroom theme. The minute number clock cards come in two different styles (bordered or solid) and with two different trendy fonts. An editable PPTX is included if you wish to use your own font. 


Five posters for teaching the language of communicating time a heading, demonstrative clock, description and example. The five posters include: o'clock, a quarter past, half past, a quarter to and clock hands. An editable PPTX is included for this so that you can change the fonts or change the language for multilingual learners.


Take a look at these other resources in the Bright Rainbow for classrooms.

This display was made by me for you and your students. You may not copy, share, sell or distribute any part of them. By purchasing this item, you agree to these terms. 

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