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Emoji Class Schedule

Emoji Class Schedule


This emoji classroom schedule is a clever and fun way to inform and remind students about the classes of the day. The emoji icons match each of the subject of elementary school including vocabulary differences for American, British and international curricula. The schedule cards print easily and clearly with four labels per page. 


Includes a heading, "Today's Schedule" and the following labels (note that a blank editable pptx version is included with a link for a free online emoji keyboard):

art, assembly, birthday, breakfast, CAFE, calendar, choice, closing circle, Daily 5, dance, DEAR, design, ELA, English, field trip, forest, garden, genius hour, golden time, grammar, health, home time, home language, inquiry, IT, IPC, library, literacy, lunch, math, mathematics, maths, math workshop, morning meeting, morning circle, music, nap time, party, PE, phonics, play, PSHE, reading, reader's theater, reader's workshop, recess, science, snack, show & tell, social studies, story time, special, special event, spelling, sport, tech, technology, unit of inquiry, UOI, writer's workshop, writing, wellness, visitor, and yoga. 

These posters were made for you and your students. You may not copy, share, sell or distribute any part of them. By purchasing this item, you agree to these terms. 

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