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Bright Rainbow Visible Learning Focus Display

Bright Rainbow Visible Learning Focus Display


This collection of printable or editable visible learning focus posters is an engaging and clear way to keep your learning objectives accessible to your learners. It includes three design pairs with a variety of learning language to display learning objectives and steps for success. 


Two ways you can use your learning focus display:

  • Type and project or print your learning focus 
  • Print them blank, place them in plastic sleeves or laminating to use over and over by writing on them with dry erase markers.



Each design has the following language: learning goal, learning focus, learning intention, success criteria and I can...

Blank templates of each poster is included. 


Take a look at these other resources in the Bright Rainbow Collection for classrooms.

This display set was made by me for you and your students. You may not copy, share, sell or distribute any part of them. By purchasing this item, you agree to these terms. 

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