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Bright Rainbow SLANT Posters

Bright Rainbow SLANT Posters


These Bright Rainbow SLANT Posters are a game changer for classroom management! For any age, they work as an instant, visual reminder for students to adjust their listening behavior. 


S - Sit up 
L - Look & Listen with your whole body
A - Ask Questions to learn more or to clarify
N - Nod your Head to show you are following along
T - Track the Speaker (be able to paraphrase what you just heard)


These simple, yet cute, posters print two per page in bright, colorful tones and fit perfectly beside the whiteboard where they can be seen from anywhere in the classroom. 

This display was made by me for you and your students. You may not copy, share, sell or distribute any part of them. By purchasing this item, you agree to these terms. 

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