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Real Life 2D Shape Posters

Real Life 2D Shape Posters


These real life shape posters use photographs to provide true examples of shapes within the context of real life. This helps learners of all ages to make meaningful connections. 


The posters are prepared in full and half page formats (A4 and A5) for a variety of classroom uses. Additional cards are provided for shape and shape vocabulary learning through matching/concentration.


The photographs and text are placed on a watercolor background to reduce contrast and increase readability. Additional words (oblong, ellipse and trapezium) are provided as alternatives to rectangle, oval and trapezoid.


Additional 2D shape posters are available in Boho Rainbow and Bright Rainbow styles. 

These posters and cards were made by me for you and your students. You may not copy, share, sell or distribute any part of them. By purchasing this item, you agree to these terms. 

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